Race reports please!

We’d love to share race reports through our club blog! Any members can log in and write up their race report, and then an admin can make it live. Share your stories in your words, and get your name in print as an author!

Email Kylie with questions — or log in and write one today 🙂

One thought on “Race reports please!

    Local Event.
    Decent Charitable Cause (It appears).
    Reasonably Priced.
    One CHP Car to lead the race.

    Price was different that advertised for Late Registrations. On http://www.active.com they stated

    “Registration Fees

    Triathlon/Duathlon $45.00 prior to race.
    5K Run/Walk only $22.00 prior to race.
    Add $3.00 day of race.

    $5.00 family/friends discount for each member (3 or more)
    $3.00 discount for senior citizens (50 years & up).”

    In person they were charging $55.00 for the the Tri and not giving the Discount to Seniors. (Im 30, it didnt affect me but I DID see it happen).

    They started the race with a guy yelling (no microphone) 1, 2, 3 Go.
    No Chip Timing
    No aid stations on the run.
    No cross traffic control on the run.
    Lack of personal in the Transition Area to ensure Run In, Bike Out, Mount Line, Dismount Line, were followed. (The first two runners in didnt go through the Run In area but rather made a strait bee line to their bikes.)
    Personal were at the bigger cross roads but were witnessed talking/texting on their phones.
    There was gravel or sand on half of the corners we turned on.
    There was a huge mix up with the Overall and Age Groups. Eventually they straitend it out but it took probably an extra 1 1/2 hr.
    No separate Groups for the women.

    Overall I would do it next year. I loved the bike course. IMO Going into an event that does not bill itself as having a Closed Course I was mentally prepared for cars, volunteers who are not that good.

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