Swim Clinic Details

As we mentioned in our meeting earlier this month, tomorrow will be a swim clinic at the University of Redlands! The clinic begins at 8am and we have the pool reserved from 8am to noon. We’ll be starting with about a half hour of on-deck instruction (classroom style, not in the water) and then we’ll jump in the pool. Although you can leave early if you need to, please be at the start so that we can be ready to get in the pool. In the water, we’ll have a group workout (with sets for all paces and abilities), and at the same time Mike will be working with each and every participant to provide some one-on-one instruction to help you improve your stroke, and thus your swim times.

The day will include both in and out of water instruction by Mike Donia. Mike was a collegiate swimmer, and has been an assistant coach for his college, a master’s swimming coach, and has also taught private swim lessons for adults. As a triathlete, he raced professionally when younger, and now continues racing as an age grouper. He has done 8 Ironman races, including two in Kona.

Click here to get directions to the U of R pool. It is located on Brockton between University and Grove, right next to the main stadium. Please use the main entrance on the west end of the swim complex (the left side of the pool area as you are facing it from the street).

Please see our post on Swimming Workouts 101 for some basic information about swim workouts and their terminology. We will be there to help you understand the workout at the clinic, but this will give you some time to think about what the structure and lingo mean.

Email Kylie if you have any questions.

Due to insurance reasons, this clinic is for members only. However, we will be accepting new members at registration for the clinic. See Membership Info for pricing information and other details.

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